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Very nice bar

Nice bar but doesn’t fit me well. I am 5’-9 with 48” chest. The outer curl handles are a little to wide for me and the inner ones are a little to narrow and the knurling doesn’t go far enough on the inner handles. It is a beastly bar and will keep it anyway for sure.

Perfect price for a good quality set of cast iron plates.

I highly recommend Giant Lifting to anyone looking for a decent set of cast iron plates. You won't be disappointed.

Good Value Bar

Bar arrived quickly. It was packaged well and I didn't see any issues. Easy to put together. Knurling is a little aggressive, but it may be that it just feels that way due to my garage being freezing right now. Either way it better that it is more aggressive that too slick. I think some marking at the center of the handle would help, but likely my grip placement will get better over time, and realistically i can just use a piece of athletic tape to remedy. Overall very pleased with the bar and would definitely recommend.

Great plates, great price, exceptional company.

At 89 cents a pound you can’t afford not to buy these. Try the code NICELIKEMIKE for an extra discount. Just bought 415lbs of plates and the powder coating looks great!

GIANT carefully delivered these to a secure place in front of my house (Local Delivery). They also went as far as to email me the day before to collect my preference on where they should deliver my items.

I have bought both bumpers, and irons from GIANT and been extremely satisfied.

Beautiful plates at and exceptional price

Thank you not only for the great weights but the excellent customer service! Very happy husband!!

Worth every penny

Put these to use a few times and they are excellent. Quality is top notch and great grip. Better priced than rogue along with shipping but same if not better quality.

Hex dumbbells

Great company with excellent customer service. I have bought several products , most recently a pair of the hex dumbbells with straight handles. They are nice dumbbells that are cheaper than any other similar weights I could find. I also like having the option to save on shipping costs by being able to pick products up at warehouses.

Quality and Customer Service

Jordan in the PHX location provides great customer service! The bumper and cast iron plates i purchased are hi quality for my home gym! We be returning if i need anything else and recommending to people that need fitness equipment

I’ve been looking for a dumbbell set and it seems that the prices used are almost as expensive as brand new. I ended up going with these Econ dumbbell set to support local business and was expecting fairly worn and used dumbbells, but these Econ dumbbells were out of a box and seemed brand new. I don’t understand how they can sell such a high quality dumbbells for this price; but if you’re looking for a dumbbell set, don’t get them anywhere but here!!

Beautiful iron plates at a phenomenal price!

Very nicely powder coated iron plates that will be perfect for weightlifting. Great value!

Solid wall ball

I’ve used this a ton in its first week at home. Core work, wall throws, etc. This has a great weight, balance, and the material has never slipped out of my hands. I expect it’ll last at long time.


Love this bench! Quality is great and it’s beefy! Should have went with this choice I’m the beginning. This upgrade to my gym also makes my gym look so much better! The wife loves it too.

Good bar but damaged

Bar is great and is well balanced. Unfortunately it arrived with a sizable gash in the powder coat. Doesn’t affect anything…. Just annoying when it’s brand new.

Always Quality with Giant

Have used my slam balls a few times now and they're awesome. You can't go wrong with giant lifting products. I've been a returning customer since 2020 and will keep purchasing from this company!

Solid set of arms

No issues here. Easy to put on and off, very easy to adjust. Seem to be very strong and make your rack look better!

Change plates

Bought the change plates to go with my crumble ones. These are good quality and look great.

Landmine stand is perfect.

This landmine floor stand is perfect. It is solid and articulates great. Just push it into a corner or against something solid and you have an amazing work out tool. Now Giant just needs to make a handle to slide on the barbell to compliment it. Would recommend for sure.

Great value and quality

I've really enjoyed mine. The knurl is enough to grip, but not painful, the coating is nice and the collars spin freely (if that's important to you... On a curl bar haha). The coating is consistent and no problems yet with it. It did smell odd and have tons of oil on it out of the bag but a towel cured that quickly.

Good plates for a good price

Picked up the plate bundle on a promo they had, I was able to pick them up at their shop so I saved on shipping as well. Great quality to what I expected and good value, look like great quality

Curl bar cable attachment

good bar, good angles, good price

Great price and immediately available.

Very happy to find barbells at such a good price. I was looking at used barbells and everything I found was actually more expensive than the Giant Lifting new ones! Thanks so much.

Greatest fitness purchase I have ever made!

Purchased back in December and have had many workouts on this rack. Not once do I not smile when I see this in my backyard. Pictures do no justice to the rack, in person it is an absolute beauty. The spotter straps are a solid addition to the rack, I tend to squat heavy and every time I've had to bail the straps just catch the bar with no drama. Absolutely keeps the knurling on my bar safe. Also the amount of attachments available to this rack is great and I cannot wait to see what more they have instore in the future. Giant has definitely made me regular customer with the quality of their equipment and solid employees ready to help you with any question you have. Shout out to Jordan for always being on top of everything and making my home gym journey a blast!

Great plates and garage floor friendly.

These are awesome high quality weights and I love the handles for various exercises. The rubber coating is very nice to my garage floor when I’m doing deadlifts. Priced fair, will most likely buy two more 45s eventually.

lat pull-down bar

Went to pick up our weights and was thrilled that you had this accessory in stock. And for a great price. THANK you!!!