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GIANT Base Bumper Plates

Great Products

Excellent quality, pricing, plus free shipping?? It doesn't get any better than that. I recently purchased the 106lb kettle bell and couldn't be happier. Very nice product and fast shipping. Will definitely be purchasing more! 👊🏻🇺🇲🇺🇲

GIANT Rubber Grip Olympic Plates

Yall are amazing, love the Bonney Lake team. Super helpful and friendly. Forget Rogue, Giants the way

Getting more use than expected

Picked up a pair of these for squats but fell right into the habit of using them for benching, as well. Easier to unrack and rerack, and they don’t beat up my bar. Also, the price is right.

Anymore, my standard j-cups mostly just function as little shelves to hold Lockjaw collars between sets. 😆

Good stuff at a good price. GIANT errs on the side of honest value, not slick marketing. I’m damn glad they’re local.


I wobbled around for about three years on a “Fitness Gear Pro” bench from Dick’s before treating myself to this fine beast.

My old bench was rated for up to a 300-lb. lifter, lifting up to 300 lbs. Didn’t worry me much since I’m a busted-up old lifter, but I’m about 240 and now that my bench is creeping up past 265 again, well … I just wanted more headroom than that for safety. Also got sick of stabilizing the bench with my legs.

This bench, rated at half a ton, has NO wiggle. It’s granitically solid, like it was bolted to the floor, and has low-slip padding. Also loving the decline option, and the ankle pads for ab work. As a big plus, my new bench is COMFY, both for presses and for perching on between squats or deadlift sets.

A piece of gym luxury, at an economical price. I’m not offended that GIANT offers a veteran/EMS discount, either.

Good guys in Tukwila. Go talk to Adam, and get your gear.

These are great dumbbells!

Love the ergo DBs! Excellent product, just like the rest of Giants stuff.

Finally a quality dumbbell for an affordable price

My gym (Watson Fitness) looks so much better with these Giant dumbbells and matching racks. All my members love them! The whole process was super easy, the staff was very professional, and the delivery team was great! I will definitely be purchasing more of their products in the future.

Adjustable 2x bench

This bench is amazing for the price. Some may even say its under priced. Its built like a tank. There were imperfections, and upon reporting such i received a gift card. Good company to deal with. They will get my $$$ again.

Great Employees and Equipment!

My wife and I stopped by the Phoenix location a few weeks ago to try and find a wall mounted squat rack, since my crossfit gym had got barbells and plates from here. Jordan was great and helped us, wasn’t pushy at all when we were looking around trying to decide whether or not to get the one from Giant or not. We purchased that and a cable pulley so we could do pretty much everything from our garage! Loving the equipment so far and would recommend Giant Lifting to everyone!!!

Seems very well made

Seems to be well made, works great. I’m still pretty light, waiting for more weights.

Satisfied customer!

I bought a W-bar, kettlebell, and the dumbbells. Quality is great, fit and finish is great, prices are great, customer service was awesome. Plus there’s no shipping costs when I pick up my purchases. I’ll definitely be buying more from Giant. I’m telling you fellow Arizonans, get your weight lifting gear from these guys.

Wall Rack

Great product

Great bar, good price

I recently needed a curl bar. I went to the showroom and tried it. It was great. It holds weight so I can lift it and put it down,

Dumbbell - 20 lbs and 15 lbs

Amazing product and it was shipped in a prompt manner

Quality products, that look great.

Great product, work and look great.

Nice Rack Overall

This is my first rack and I am glad I pulled the trigger. Have been picking up equipment from Giant for the past few years and I am always satisfied with the quality. The value of this rack cannot be beaten with nice build quality and material. It is sturdy and I have been using it everyday.

The installation instruction that comes with the package may still need some improvement but the tutorial on youtube helps a lot. One design improvement I would suggest is widening the brackets for two reasons. First is to have the rack being moved up and down while being folded. The current design only allows very minimal up-down movement (like 1 or 2 mm), so if the floor is not perfectly flat (like my slightly slopped garage floor) it could be tough to fold it. I ended up using two wood blocks as my 'floor' so I can lift the rack up, kick the block out and fold it. Second, having minimal wiggle room, the installation has to be perfect so all the weight is not sitting on the brackets. I had to make sure the cross members are barely touching the the bottom of the brackets, and it would be a lot nicer if there was additional room.

Overall I am happy with my purchase and will definitely come back for more.

Home gym

Amazing products. Packaging of all products was top-of-the-line from the bar all the way down to the bench very professional front end customer service representative was very helpful, friendly and informative

Giant Standalone Lat & Low Row

Product came with some small chips in the paint but not a deal breaker. That being said I still give it five stars because this machine functions exceptionally well. Its pulleys are super smooth, it is a very stable unit even with a smaller footprint (which I like). Very versatile and a GREAT VALUE. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a machine that won’t take up a ton of space and performs as well as more expensive products on the market.

Tree stand

Well packaged, nice fit and finish and easy to assemble. I’m a fan.

Great Cable Machine at a Budget Price!

I have absolutely no complaints. The machine is great, solid high quality and the foot rest comes in attached now to make it easier to assemble. Great addition to the gym at a very low cost, and local company with fast shipping. I’ll absolutely order more of their products, as long as they keep shipping with UPS instead of Fedex.

Good pricing, fast free shipping, I will definitely order again

Bar storage

It is perfect

Cast iron

Exactly what I wanted. Great customer service and the price was half that of the iron weights at the local sports stores.

Great products & great service

I could not be happier with my equipment from GIANT. The products are always high quality and durable. They feel great in your hands, are a fantastic value for the price, and look great in my gym. I cannot say enough positive things. The team at GIANT is also top-notch. Very knowledgeable, helpful and great to work with. You cannot go wrong with GIANT.