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Sturdy and quiet

Love the plates. They work great and are much quieter than the normal bumper plates I have. Wish the 10LBS plates weren't so flexible but I expected that after reading the description. Can't beat the value from Giant!!!

Great Bumper Plates

Look great and seem to be solid. Great product!

Giant 2X Adjustable Bench

Highly recommend! It’s built really well and sturdy. Giant lifting exceeded my expectations, great quality and great product!

I dig this bench.

Given that a bench is one of the most foundational pieces of any home gym I figured it would be worth investing in a good one. After looking at all the big players I bought this one and I’m feeling really good about it. It’s heavy as all get-out but it was also easy to bolt together. Very stable, very sturdy. For scale, I’m 6’3” and about 250. I can fit comfortably on it and I’m not even worried about benching any weight in any position.
I’ll definitely look more at this store as I add more pieces to my gym.

GIANT Sandbags
Jacob H.
50 lb - 125 lb Sandbag

Purchased this about a month ago and have had time to use it once so far because 1) it's obviously not instantly at my house when I order it (duh) 2) once delivered I noticed the package was quite light and didn't read the fine print which said sand not included ... after receiving it and actually going out and purchasing pebble and rubber mulch to fill the 3 bags, I found the carry bag and 3 sandbags to be quite sturdy and well made. The only issue I found was there was no observable max fill line for the bags to fit in the carry bag, so it makes it difficult to figure out just how much to put in so they will fit snug. That is the only reason it isn't 5 star cause it took me an hour to fill, dump, fill, dump, fill etc. To figure out the correct amount of pebble n rubber mulch... good workout though.

Great open trap bar

Awesome trap bar. Well made and easy to put together. Packaging was nice. Customer service was also great! Got an awesome deal on this trap bar. Handles do spin and are not fixed. They said they will provide fixed handles for a fee. The spinning handles don’t bother me deadlifting but is a little issue when doing push exercises. Otherwise this bar is awesome for the price. The jack works well and 45 lb weight Of the bar makes it easy.

Quality trap bar & Service

Well pleased with the quality and design of this trap bar. At 6'4", I find that I have plenty of room to adjust my stance, and the handles are well placed unlike some other bars where they are too far out. Being able to adjust depth on other side is great. Bar itself is well balanced once loaded.
Service is even better - Fedex delivered my bar to the wrong location about 30 minutes away. Giant Lifting team responded to an email in about 10 minutes, and quickly coordinated Fedex to pick it back up and bring it to my home. Fantastic service, thank you!

Knowledgable and friendly staff, great equipment

Awesome Experience

I purchased the Vertex plates in 10,15,35,45 and definitely will be buying others in the near future. Seamless experience and pickup, and good guys there.

Great grip

The Ergonomic handle is such a game changer compared to the straight bar. Feels much better in the hand the knurling Feels comfortable the rubber on the weights are tough can take a beating use them inside and outside the house: carpet,stall mat,wood,concrete.

Great company

Amazing service and selection. Quality products.

Great plates

I’m so happy with plates . I just went out and bought more.


Ordered 230# worth of plates. Was able to pick up same day. Cost was awesome compared to competitors. Quality is pretty good to. Would definitely purchase again!!

High quality with all the features I've been looking for at a great price!

This open trap bar had all the features I was looking for at a much lower price point than competitors. I could not be more pleased. My only complaint, if any, would be that the sleeves had some gouges possibly from poor machining or handling before it was sent to me. It doesn't affect the ability to load plates, so not a big deal to me.

Awesome Bench

I bought this beach to replace an older, cheaper, bench I had been using for years. This Giant bench is a great sturdy weight, but easy to move around with it's handle and wheels. It fits perfectly with the Giant rack that I purchased a couple of months ago. Great quality.

So much better than the old metal ones

They work great!

5 star!

We love GIANT - we've pieced together our home gym through you guys! Love the option of local pickup and quality products!

Awesome customer service

Amazing people, amazing products.

Great Gear and a Great Company to work with

I recently purchased the 55-75lb Ergonomic Dumbbells. I also have the 5-50s. I I use the heck out of these things, and don’t treat them as nicely as I should. They’re great. On par with, and perhaps better than dumbbells I’ve used from other manufacturers. They just hold up so well. In addition to the great dumbbells, the crew at Giant Lifting is always a pleasure to work with. I had some difficulty ordering online, so I sent an email advising of my troubles. Within minutes I got a phone call and had the dumbbell set ordered and ready for me to come pick up. My garage gym is ever evolving, and as that process happens, I will not hesitate to do business with Giant Lifting again.

Great customer service. Bought a few items from them. Will return

Rogue isn’t worth it

If you want to get those PRs and gains without breaking the bank, buy local. Go Giant.

Giant 2X Adjustable Bench

We purchased the Giant 2X adjustable bench. Very simple to put together and solidly built!

High quality trap bar at an affordable price!

I have been searching for an open trap bar for months but everything was either sold out or way too expensive. This open trap bar is not only affordable and available, it is well made and fits all of my bumper plates (from 3 different manufacturers). I love that it is also rackable, which is rare to find in a hex bar, so I can do squats and shoulder presses without having to risk injury getting a fully loaded trap bar above my shoulders. The 2 different size knurled handles are great because I have large hands but my wife has smaller ones, so we can both use the trap bar comfortably.
One of the few negatives I can say is that I do worry a little that the handles spin in place and that can be tricky if doing anything overhead. Also, the knurling on the handles is more prominent and can be rough on uncallused hands, but a little grip chalk or some straps or gloves is a way around it.
It comes in 3 pieces so there is some assembly. Once fully assembled it’s about as long and as heavy as a 45lb Olympic sized barbell.
Ever since I started using this for deadlifts my back has felt much better. I haven’t needed to use a weightlifting belt since I got the trap bar. I’ve also done squats, shrugs, OH shoulder presses, and farmer’s carries with no strain on my back. Much better than just using a traditional barbell. It’s very well balanced while lifting, not tipping forward or back. The built in stand makes it very easy to load. Using this instead of my barbell have made my workouts much more efficient and safe for my back. I highly recommend this high quality and affordable open trap bar for both beginners and experienced lifters!

So far I’m very satisfied with the products I have and I’m looking forward to my next purchases.

Super fantastic!

Very happy with my purchase! Easy assembly ! Bench is super sturdy, do not hesitate buy it ! You will not be disappointed . Perfect addition to my giant lifting squat rack.