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The Giant Lifting Contrast Bumper Plates are premium bumpers that are ideal for your home or commercial gym! These are the highest quality plates we offer and add a pop of color to bring your bland gym to life.

The Contrast Bumper Plates are made from a higher density rubber called Virgin Rubber. Virgin Rubber is harder than previous variations and has an extremely low odor. 

The rim of these bumpers are thinner which makes them easier to grip and move around your gym for your next PR.

The Contrast Bumper Plates are a standard 450mm in diameter and boast a thinner cut than many competitors allowing you to stack more weight on the bar. 

We made the 10lb and 15lb pairs slightly smaller in diameter and when paired with the larger plates, they absorb less of an impact – giving them a long-lasting lifespan.  

Bottom line: the Contrast Bumper Plates are smooth, clean and built to last. We've increased our warranty and stand behind them to give you the peace of mind knowing this product will last for years to come. 




Plates that will make your gym pop with raised color lettering that correspond to each weight. Cheaper bumpers are screen printed and rub off with usage. The raised lettering on our plates allow for less friction points and keep them looking fresh.
Stainless steel inserts for contrast bumper plates


The stainless steel inserts provide extra strength and durability, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable product. Inserts are 2" in diameter and fit olympic sized barbells that are typically 50mm in sleeve diameter.


Made with high quality rubber making these plates very low odor. Low bounce bumpers that are built with solid construction with 88-90 shore hardeness.


Brand - GIANT

Material - Virgin Rubber and Stainless Steel Insert

Color - Black, Colored Lettering

Tested - Facility Tested, 10,000 drops/8ft

Tolerance - 10/25/35/45 +/- 3% of said weight

Diameter - 450MM/17.72" (45/35/25) 445MM/17.51" (15/10)

Insert - 50.4MM/1.98", Stainless steel

10lb Width - 0.94"

15lb Width - 1.13"

25lb Width - 1.63"

35lb Width - 2.25"

45lb Width - 2.81"

Hole Size - 2"

Warranty Home- 3yrs (25/35/45) 1yr - (10/15) Commercial- 3yr (25/35/45) 1yr- (10/15)

Customer Reviews

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Alex Q.
You get what you pay for

Amazing product.

Carson K.
The Best!

Great bumper plates. They do exactly what they’re suppose to do. Ordering and warehouse pickup was simple and easy. I’ll be looking for more of Giant products.

Tony G.
Home Gym build

Jordan was fantastic and answered every question I had. I will be going back soon to pick up a few more items for my home gym.

Love these plates

Have a complete set of these and have been using happily for over a year. The metal collars are great and the plates slide on and off the bars easily. The coating doesn't stink at all (had a real bad experience with another company on that score). I know it sounds funny to say, but having nice equipment like this really makes me look forward to working out. It makes me have gym pride which makes me want to get down there and use it!

Daniel A.O.
Look great work great

I love the design and the way they look in my home gym. But they work well too! The metal sleeves make them feel solid and they slide right on and off the bar when I change weight. I trusted them when I dropped the bar. Very happy with my purchase. I’ll definitely be back to Giant when I add to my home gym.