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GIANT 2X Flat Bench

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Giant Lifting's 2X Flat Bench features a simple design with many purposes. Equipped with a pair of rear wheels and a handle in the front, the bench is easy to transport. The 2X FB allows you to perform many different exercises including bench, dips, step-ups, etc. 

The padding is thick and wide, making benching more comfortable. The added grip to the padding allows you to lock in your shoulders while benching and prevents you from sliding off. The 2X bench is 47.5" in length with a 700lb weight capacity. 


Brand - GIANT

Height - 17.5"

Length - 47.5"

Width - 12"

Steel Notes - 11-gauge

Weight Capacity - 700lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Seth C.
Giant 2X Flat Bench

Really nice firm but plush padding and super sturdy bench. It is easy to move around and perfect for my garage gym. Definitely worthy of 5 stars!

Sarah P.
Good bench

Good bench- light weight and easy to move around in our home gym.

Solid value for money

The thing is built like a tank, meaning that as long as you aren't treating the upholstry like a garage mat, it'll last probably longer than I will. Buying from Amazon or elsewhere is a waste of your money. Get this, and save in the long run.

Connor H.
Great Bench for home gym

I was looking for a sturdy and easy to put together bench for my home gym. This was the perfect fit! The pad is very comfortable too and beats most commercial gyms with its structure and how wide the pad is. Thanks to the guys at giant I will be coming back for more equipment!

Joshua N.
Great flat bench

Inexpensive and easy to put together. Very light, yet sturdy. Just the right amount of cushion without being too soft or too hard.