GIANT V2 EZ Curl Bar

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GIANT Lifting's 28mm V2 EZ Curl Bar is hands down the best curl bar on the market for the price. The medium-depth diamond pattern knurling is similar to GIANT's standard barbells. The knurling won't tear up your hands and adds just the right amount of bite to provide ample grip for your workouts. 

The curves throughout the bar are specifically designed to take stress off of the lifter's wrists, joints, and shoulders. This product is also made with copper bushings to give the sleeves a smooth spin while performing any exercise. Unlike other chrome barbells, the GIANT EZ Curl Bar is coated with a black oxide shaft that will provide a stylish look and won't flake over time. 


Brand - GIANT

Bar Use - Multi-purpose,Specialty

Length - 47"

Weight - 22lbs

Diameter - 28mm

Loadable Sleeve Length - 7"

Bushing/Bearing - Copper Bushing

Knurl - Medium-depth

Center Knurl - No

Knurl Markings - Multi

Shaft Coating - Black Oxide

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Shawn B.
Great curl bar

I was looking for a decent curl bar for my home gym and checked out this one. Great curl bar. Very grippy.

Shawn B.

Great curl

Dylan O.
Prices, quality, and convenience

Good prices, great quality equipment, and super convenient location for me! I can't ask for much more.

Marcelina L.

It's great having a local place to get all my home gym needs. I love that I can order online and pick up when I am ready

Brian A.
Good EZ curl bar

On a whim I swung by the store in Bonney Lake to check it out. I really like Giant stuff and I saw this bar and realized how affordable it was. I picked it up and I really like it. The fit/finish is pretty good, the knurl is good and not too aggressive (sort of multipurpose), and the spin is nice (no super fast, but pretty decent).
My only real complaint is me just being nit-picky. It's the weight. The bar is a 10kg bar (and it measures pretty spot on), but all of my gear and plates are lbs. So when I use this bar, I have to calculate with 22 lb bar weight and that's just a bit odd. I'll likely try to find one that's 20 or 25 lbs in the future, but for now I'm pretty happy with this one.