GIANT Rubber Grip Olympic Plates

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The Giant Lifting Rubber Grip Olympic Plates are some of the most versatile plates that we offer! The four-hole design features a premium rubber mixture and a stainless steel insert that ensures the highest quality. The four-hole rubber grip also makes it easy for loading your barbells, as well as the ability to easily incorporate different exercises – like ab work, mobility and lunges – into your workouts. 

The Rubber Grip Olympic Plates will help reduce noise and add an element of comfort to your lifts. These plates work great for bench, squat, and a variety of other lifts, but are not designed to be dropped. The thinner design allows you to add more weight to the bar than standard rubber bumper plates. 


Brand - GIANT

Material - Premium Rubber Mixture

Color - Black

Tested - Facility Tested

Plate Width - Thick Side

45lb - 2" 35lb- 2.3" 25lb - 2.1" 10lb - 1.75" 5lb - 1.25" 2.5lb - 2"

Plate Width - Thin Side

45lb - 1.75" 35lb/ - 1.9" 25lb - 1.75" 10lb - 1.25"

Tolerance -

10/25/35/45 +/- 3% of said weight

Insert - 50.4MM/1.98", Stainless steel

2.5lb Diameter - 6.25"

5lb Diameter - 7.3"

10lb Diameter - 9.75"

25lb Diameter - 12.75"

35lb Diameter - 14.25"

45lb Diameter - 17.7"

Hole Size - 2"

Warranty - Home - 3yr Commercial- 1yr

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Great Assistance

Solid help with questions and no-nonsense delivery for this Gear head Gym rat. Finally an outfit worth their salt located out West for faster delivery. I'll be back. Thx Giant.

Plates and flooring

Giant is awesome. Good pricing on weight plates and i couldn’t be more pleased with my black and red fleck flooring. I’m so glad I chose it over horse stall mats.

Looking forward to picking up more equipment from Giant soon.

5 Stars

Giant Lifting made everything super easy. Great service, awesome communication and top quality equipment. Upvote, would subscribe.

Sean L.
Great plates

Awesome value. Good quality and competitive pricing

eric h.
Rubber grip weights

Great price. High quality.