GIANT V3 Kettlebells

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Giant Lifting's kettlebells are die gravity casted which means molten iron is poured from above into our metal molds. Some manufacturers use sand casting which means the kettlebells can have rougher surfaces, less accuracy with the weight, and lower overall strength. 

We don't add any fillers to cheapen the product which potentially leads to cracking in the future. Once the mold is poured and dried there are excess edges that require the manufacturer to grind down to create a smooth finish around the handles and base of the kettlebell.

This allows for a smoother handle and a flat base required for varying exercises. There are easy color coating markers along the handles to find your desired weight.

Available Sizes4KG, 6KG, 8KG, 12KG, 16KG, 20KG, 24KG, 28KG, 32KG, 36KG, 40KG,

Additional Information: All kettlebells show both weight indicators in kilograms and pounds "KG/LB."


*Sold individually 




Brand - GIANT

Color - Black, Colored Striping

Material - Cast Iron, Black Powder Coat

9lb/4kg Handle Diameter - 30mm

13lb/6kg Handle Diameter - 30mm

18lb/8kg Handle Diameter - 32mm

26lb/12kg Handle Diameter - 32mm

35lb/16kg Handle Diameter - 33mm

44lb/20kg Handle Diameter - 38mm

53lb/24kg Handle Diameter - 39mm

62lb/28kg Handle Diameter - 40mm

70lb/32kg Handle Diameter - 40mm

80lb/36kg Handle Diameter - 40mm

88lb/40kg Handle Diameter - 40mm

97lb/44kg Handle Diameter - 40mm

106lb/48kg Handle Diameter - 40mm

Customer Reviews

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Sarah V.
Great Products & Service

Giant Lifting in Tukwila is our go to business for all our gym needs. Great availability of quality products online and available for pick up without the high costs of shipping. The staff working there are always personable and helpful.

Well deserved

This kettle bell is the bomb. Made great no small metallic edges that cut or dig in the finish coat on it is not cheap the handle is perfect not to rough and not to smooth. The weight of 79lbs was worth the price and the have some over 100lbs

Jay E.
16kg kettlebell.

Great kettlebell. Arrived fast and the coating was perfect.

Markus Z.
Kettle bells

Great powder coating and finish. Handels are good size too. Made a great addition to my set

Killer girya

Smooth, well-coated, balanced, and perfectly flat on the bottom. The Giant logo and weight aren't going anywhere. What else could you want? Both of my bells rock.