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Open-ended hex footprint allowing for more exercises, quick rotation knurled handles (1"/1.25"/2"), and a built-in loading jack for easy loading and unloading.  Perfect for putting yourself into a safer and stronger power position when deadlifting or doing other pulling exercises.  

This is our second version of this open hex design.  We increased the strength to 11 gauge steel tubing sleeves, made the handles with better alloy steel and protected your plates by adding rubber ends/brackets on the sleeves.  The welds upon inspection are decent, but can have some imperfections (small gaps in the welds, burrs, not totally smooth, etc)  There are other options on the market that will run you twice as much money, but for the price and value with this product we think it is a solid product with loads of functionality. 

*More photos coming 2/27.




FINISHING- Black powder-coated steel. 


  • Medium depth knurl
  • Open hex design. Perfect for variations of movements.  Hex deadlifts, presses, rows, step-ups with a loaded barbell, etc.
  • Dims: 88 1/2" length.  Sleeve length 15 1/4".   Inside depth details coming soon. 
  • Product weight 35LB's.  



Customer Reviews

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Great open hex bar!!

Great bar and can be used for multiple workouts and it’s a great price

Recommend this trap bar

The trap bar is pretty good. The built in jack sits level which makes it easy to load plates. Welds seem good. I was happy to see it has 3 different size handles, but I'm not a fan of them rotating. If you're doing multiple reps of heavy deads, the handles rotate a little when you set it down which then creates a little bit of slack when you go to do your next rep. It's not the end of the world and it at least forces you to pull the slack out each time like you would on a standard barbell. THe other thing I don't love about the handles are the sizes. The smallest size is smaller than a standard barbell and the next size up is bigger. I often neglect working on grip so it is another good forcing function, but I feel it would have been smart to have a handle closer to a standard barbell. The largest handle is huge but fun to use. Overall, I would definitely recommend this bar for the price.

Great value

I have some mixed feelings about this bar but overall it is a great value considering the features.

Loadable, multiple grips, great knurling, light weight making it easier to move when not loaded.

Too large?
I'm a bit shorter than most at 5'6" and find the grips to be a tad too far apart although I am sure that I will get used to it.
The width between the feet is quite large and may be difficult for anyone trying to do pin-pulls from a rack.
I wish there was an option to lock the handles in place. I love using trap bars for bent over rows. At the top of the movement, the handles will turn in making it a little awkward.
Powder coat is a little thin and can scratch easily.

Northland bar

I got the bar for a couple of weeks now and have used it a few times. I really like it. So far so good with everything.
I hope the jacks on the rear can be a bit heavier, since the bar will not balance (it is front heavy). My diy fix is to put 2 2.5 lb change plates on the jack, to make it balance.

Great Open Trap Bar for the Price

Its great for accessory work..
The welds/powder coat aren’t great, but I’d say its a pretty solid purchase for the price.
I like the 3 options for the handles!
It weighs 35lbs so its real easy to move around as well.