GIANT Northland Open Trap Hex Bar

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* New Update - Due to customer feedback, we changed our handles to fully knurled, fixed (non-rotating) and more aggressive volcano knurling on all new production.  

Existing V4 Open Hex Owners - If you want to change to our new fixed handles, they are now in stock and available. We will sell them at cost shipped for $39.99 or $20 off for local pickup. Email for purchase.

The Northland Open Trap Hex Bar is the next great weapon to add to your weightlifting arsenal! The fourth iteration of our open hex design features a built-in jack, upgraded solid steel feet for stability, hex bolt removable handles, and the ability to be racked on most standard-size power racks. 

There are several trap bars like this on the market with varying features that make each unique. We designed ours with the features we felt were most important while keeping the cost down and believe it's the best value on the market!

New Features:

Equipped with 28mm and 38mm knurled handles that are 25" on center allowing for more performance options.  

We upgraded the packaging to protect the different pieces of the barbell during transit. 

The most common use for this barbell is for deadlifts, pressing actions, walking lunges, farmer walk carries, safety bar squats, and bent-over rows.  The truth is you can get creative and the possibilities are endless with the use of this barbell.  We hope you love it!

Additional Information:

This bar is not made for dropping. Measurements/weight are all approximations and fall within our tolerances. The loading capacity is in reference to the capacity while the bar is in the loading position. 

Tolerances can range +/- 3% of all specs. We do not recommend this barbell with use of competition bumper plates since the tolerances of competition plates (50.4mm) are very tight and could cause an issue. Regular iron plates and bumper plates will work perfectly. 


Brand - GIANT

Bar Use - Specialty

Weight - 45lbs

Length - 85.25"

Handle Diameter - 28mm, 38mm

Loadable Sleeve Length - 16"

Sleeve Diameter - 50mm 

Loading Position Height - 23.75"

Frame/Shaft Length - 51.25"

Distance Between Handles - 25"

Jack Loading Capacity - 600lbs

Functional Weight Capacity - 800lbs

Knurl - Medium-depth

Shaft Coating - Black Powdered Coat

Customer Reviews

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Eugenio G.
Giant Northland Open Trap Bar

What a bar! I can do so many thing with it besides just dead lifts. Farmers carry, shoulders presses. I even squad with this thing! Great design and solid built! Great addition

Ricky D.
It’s perfect.

As soon as I got it, took me no more than 10 minutes to put together, threw one some 55 pound weights and got to work. The knurling on it is exceptional and honestly for this price I would buy another one just cause. It’s perfect.

Nathan Y.
You Can’t Beat It 👍🏻

Purchased the Trap/Hex Bar after Coop’s ‘Garage Gym’ Review, and this thing far surpasses my expectations!
There’s NO REASON for you to NOT have a Trap/Hex Bar with the Price & Quality of this.
Well Done Giant 💪🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

Daniel M.
Good Value Bar

Bar arrived quickly. It was packaged well and I didn't see any issues. Easy to put together. Knurling is a little aggressive, but it may be that it just feels that way due to my garage being freezing right now. Either way it better that it is more aggressive that too slick. I think some marking at the center of the handle would help, but likely my grip placement will get better over time, and realistically i can just use a piece of athletic tape to remedy. Overall very pleased with the bar and would definitely recommend.

chad g.
Good bar but damaged

Bar is great and is well balanced. Unfortunately it arrived with a sizable gash in the powder coat. Doesn’t affect anything…. Just annoying when it’s brand new.