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Product Details

*New update-  Due to customer feedback- we changed our handles to fully knurled, fixed (non-rotating), and more aggressive volcano knurling on all new production.  All pre-orders will feature these new handle additions.  

Existing V4 Open Hex Owners- If you want to change to our new fixed handles we will have these available in the coming months.  Emails will go out to previous V4 owners to communicate about the new handle option available.  We will sell them at cost ($20) plus shipping where applicable. 

The Northland Open Trap Hex Bar is the next great weapon to add to your weightlifting arsenal. The fourth iteration of our open hex design features a built-in jack, upgraded solid steel feet for stability, hex bolt removable handles, and the ability to be racked on most standard-size power racks. 

There are many trap bars like this on the market with varying features that make each unique. We designed this with features we felt were important while still being cost conscience. 

New features:

Equipped with 28mm and 38mm knurled handles that are 25" on center allowing for more performance options.  

We upgraded the packaging to protect the different pieces of the barbell during transit. 

The most common use for this barbell is for deadlifts, pressing actions, walking lunges, farmer walk carries, safety bar squats, and bent-over rows.  The truth is you can get creative and the possibilities are endless with the use of this barbell.  We hope you love it!

Additional Information:

This bar is not made for dropping. Measurements/weight are all approximations and fall within our tolerances. The loading capacity is in reference to the capacity while the bar is in the loading position. 

Bar Use


Handle Diameter
28mm, 38mm
Loadable Sleeve Length
Sleeve Diameter
Loading Position Height
Frame/Shaft Length
Distance Between Handles
Jack Loading Capacity
Functional Weight Capacity
Shaft Coating
Black Powdered Coat

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Tanzil C.
Great bar

Love it very versatile and adds more variation to my home gym.

Anish S.
Best trap bar out there

This is the best trap bar out there. Excellent service.

Awesome Open Trap Bar and Wall Rack 2.0

Our options for home gym equipment in Canada are limited and that's why I was so happy to find Giant Lifting in Tukwila, just a two and a half hour drive from my home in Vancouver. I purchased the Wall Rack 2.0 with safeties and the Northland Open Trap bar. I was super impressed with the high quality of the equipment and the specifications that rival the biggest names in the industry at amazingly affordable prices. The open trap bar is adding a ton of variety to my training and the rack feels virtually indestructible with the 3x3 tubing.

Beyond the quality of the gear, the team behind Giant is second to none. The great service from Rico (Giant's National Sales Manager), the customer service reps online and the staff in the Tukwila store assured me that I was making the right choice in upgrading my home gym. It's great to be able to support a Pacific Northwest company!

Raphanthony R.
Great open trap bar

Awesome trap bar. Well made and easy to put together. Packaging was nice. Customer service was also great! Got an awesome deal on this trap bar. Handles do spin and are not fixed. They said they will provide fixed handles for a fee. The spinning handles don’t bother me deadlifting but is a little issue when doing push exercises. Otherwise this bar is awesome for the price. The jack works well and 45 lb weight Of the bar makes it easy.

Jason L.
Quality trap bar & Service

Well pleased with the quality and design of this trap bar. At 6'4", I find that I have plenty of room to adjust my stance, and the handles are well placed unlike some other bars where they are too far out. Being able to adjust depth on other side is great. Bar itself is well balanced once loaded.
Service is even better - Fedex delivered my bar to the wrong location about 30 minutes away. Giant Lifting team responded to an email in about 10 minutes, and quickly coordinated Fedex to pick it back up and bring it to my home. Fantastic service, thank you!