Estimated shipped date is 7/15.  

Product Details

The Northland Open Trap Hex Bar is the next great weapon to add to your weightlifting arsenal. The fourth iteration of our open hex design features a built-in jack, upgraded solid steel feet for stability, hex bolt removable handles, and the ability to be racked on most standard-size power racks. 

There are many trap bars like this on the market with varying features that make each unique. We designed this with features we felt were important while still being cost conscience. 

New features:

Equipped with 28mm and 38mm knurled handles that are 25" on center allowing for more performance options.  

We upgraded the packaging to protect the different pieces of the barbell during transit. 

The most common use for this barbell is for deadlifts, pressing actions, walking lunges, farmer walk carries, safety bar squats, and bent-over rows.  The truth is you can get creative and the possibilities are endless with the use of this barbell.  We hope you love it!

Shipping Information:

We have changed our ship-out date on this bar from 7/15/22 to the first week of August. The bars were delayed between ports and the ETA on the port of the final destination is 7/24. Once the bars are at the port of the final destination it can take 1-2 weeks before we receive them. We are hoping to have the bars shipped out by 8/7. We will continue to update this page with the shipping information as we receive it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Additional Information:

This bar is not made for dropping. Measurements/weight are all approximations and fall within our tolerances. The loading capacity is in reference to the capacity while the bar is in the loading position. 

Bar Use


Handle Diameter
28mm, 38mm
Loadable Sleeve Length
Sleeve Diameter
Loading Position Height
Frame/Shaft Length
Distance Between Handles
Jack Loading Capacity
Functional Weight Capacity
Shaft Coating
Black Powdered Coat

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Brett W.
Back saver

Very nice bar and well made. Had some gouges in the bar I think from the shipping, but nothing that would affect the integrity of the bar. Very happy with it so far I get a better leg workout and my lower back takes less punishment.

George T.
Great bar and great service

Love the trap bar. Very solidly built bar that I can do a good variety of exercises, deadlifts, rows, famers walks, lunges. Built in jack is great also. Staff was super helpful when I dropped by.

Noah T.
Best price open trap bar

I bought an open trap bar on Amazon, and it sucked… I decided to dive deep on google to find one without spending over $600 on kabuki or eleiko. Lo and behold Giant makes this amazing trap bar. Very very sturdy. There are 2 different sized handles, and you could always easily pop on fat grips if you wanted larger. So happy I found them… also shipped to me faster than I expected!

Ariel R.
Great bar really bad shipping

The bar works great but the bar was free floating in the box with a lot of scratches and dents on the bar. the box was completely mangled and it looked like it had to be clear wrapped from fed ex to hold it all together. It was upsetting to see my bar was packaged like a pack of Legos but it does what it's supposed to do "it holds weights"

Yan C.
V3 of this bar gets so much right

The AK-bar as I like to call it (it’s a trap!) is an awesome budget friendly open trap bar that combines the best features of the competitors costing 2x the price. You have full rack ability and dual heigh handles. The round tubing allows for comfortable use a cambered squat bar or for off the floor zercher squat. The full size length of the sleeves ensure you can lid 700lbs+ of weight. Highly recommended at this price.