GIANT Wall Rack 2.0 - 3X Series

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Giant Lifting's Wall Rack 2.0 is designed to be everything you need for a workout space that folds away when done using. This product is ideal for limited space and works great for in-home gyms as well as commercial settings. The rack is 21.5" when fully extended from the wall and folds back to the center. The GWR is equipped with a 3" x 3" frame and 11 gauge steel tubing capable of supporting 1,000LB if installed correctly. Heavy-duty pull pins easily retract your rack after use and fold away. 

1" holes and an adjustable 1.25" pull-up bar promote endless possibilities within the rack. A pair of plastic-lined high strength J-Cups, and mounting expansion bolts are included. 

We recommend eight lag bolts to secure the rack into your wall. If you are installing your wall rack into concrete, mounting "expansion bolts" are included. The GWR must be installed correctly. Installing incorrectly can lead to tipping or falling off your rack, which can cause you injury or death.


Brand - GIANT

Length - 23.5"

Width - 48"

Height - 92"

Steel Notes - 3"x3", 11 gauge

Crossmember Size - 2.7"x2.7", 11 gauge

Hole Spacing - 2"

Hole Size - 1"

Weight Capacity - 1,000lbs

Customer Reviews

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chris b.
Great Employees and Equipment!

My wife and I stopped by the Phoenix location a few weeks ago to try and find a wall mounted squat rack, since my crossfit gym had got barbells and plates from here. Jordan was great and helped us, wasn’t pushy at all when we were looking around trying to decide whether or not to get the one from Giant or not. We purchased that and a cable pulley so we could do pretty much everything from our garage! Loving the equipment so far and would recommend Giant Lifting to everyone!!!

Peter F.
Wall Rack

Great product

Nice Rack Overall

This is my first rack and I am glad I pulled the trigger. Have been picking up equipment from Giant for the past few years and I am always satisfied with the quality. The value of this rack cannot be beaten with nice build quality and material. It is sturdy and I have been using it everyday.

The installation instruction that comes with the package may still need some improvement but the tutorial on youtube helps a lot. One design improvement I would suggest is widening the brackets for two reasons. First is to have the rack being moved up and down while being folded. The current design only allows very minimal up-down movement (like 1 or 2 mm), so if the floor is not perfectly flat (like my slightly slopped garage floor) it could be tough to fold it. I ended up using two wood blocks as my 'floor' so I can lift the rack up, kick the block out and fold it. Second, having minimal wiggle room, the installation has to be perfect so all the weight is not sitting on the brackets. I had to make sure the cross members are barely touching the the bottom of the brackets, and it would be a lot nicer if there was additional room.

Overall I am happy with my purchase and will definitely come back for more.

Joel C.

GIANT Wall Rack 2.0 - 3X Series

Jason H.
Wall Rack

Very happy with this purchase. The Wall Rack is very sturdy, absolutely no wiggle and I was impressed since it folds up against the wall so easily. All the hardware is impressively strong...definitely a solid setup.