GIANT Grip-X Change Plates

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The Giant Lifting Grip-X Change Plates are ideal for making smaller incremental jumps between sets. These all-rubber change plates are made from the same chemical compound mixture and virgin rubber used with our Giant Contrast Bumper Plates

These change plates are constructed of solid rubber and fit tight around your standard 2” barbell sleeve. Perfect for your home gym or a commercial or training facility.

Additional Information: 

Available in a 1.25/2.5/5lb set with all three pairs, as well as individual pairs.


MATERIAL Virgin Rubber and Mixture
COLOR Black, Colored Lettering

Customer Reviews

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Griffin L.

Good quality. Just what I needed to span the gap between the heavier plates.

Collars bind

These are just OK. I would not buy them again. I love Giant but get the metal collar change plates. We have a set of each and try not to use these unless we have to.

The plastic collars bind when taking the weights on and off the bar. They feel kind of sticky when getting them on and off. There is one out of our set of 6 that really binds badly -- when the weather is wrong it can take two of us to get it off the bar.

For a little extra money get the metal collars. It is well worth the difference in price.

Zachary L.
Solid plates

Great change plates, good feel and tolerances and color at a great price, probably buying another set shortly

K B.
Contrast plates

We have been using the contrast plates for about 2 weeks. They are working well and are great quality

Best value change plate!

Great value change plate. Great quality and work as expected. Snug fit on my bar so I don’t have to use clip every time while also very smooth to put on. Had a quality issue with one plate and the team take care of it quickly!
Half of my home gym is from Giant, and I am a very happy customer! I don’t have to wait for deal at Marketplace, I know Giant product is always great quality at a great price!