3N1 SOFT PLYO BOX 20"X24"x30"
3N1 SOFT PLYO BOX 20"X24"x30"
3N1 SOFT PLYO BOX 20"X24"x30"
3N1 SOFT PLYO BOX 20"X24"x30"
3N1 SOFT PLYO BOX 20"X24"x30"

3N1 SOFT PLYO BOX 20"X24"x30"

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 Introducing our PNW inspired heavy duty plyo box! 

Perfect tool for any athlete wanting to protect themselves while performing any movements on the box.   The GIANT Soft Plyo Box and is preferred over its wooden plyo counterpart for those that like to protect their shins when missing a jump. This 3 sided foam plyo allows for varying heights of 20", 24", and 30".   

Many plyo's on the market are cheaply made and not meant to last.  We didn't hold back and upgraded all the materials possible including:  YKK zippers, heavy duty outer vinyl cover, and a recycled cotton inner core.  Your shin will thank us later! 


FINISHING- Heavy duty commercial grade vinyl.  


  • 1 year warranty*
  • 400 LB max capacity (updated 7/13)
  • Total weight 60+LB (updated 7/13)
  • Heavy duty commercial grade vinyl
  • Printed height markers
  • Made with recycled cotton for a stronger more stable soft plyo. (updated 7/13)

*effective 7/13 we switched all of our plyo's from the "LITE" version to a stronger more stable HEAVY DUTY version.  The difference is:  12LB to 60+LB's and EPE interior material to recycled cotton.


Customer Reviews

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Athena H.
Giant is the Sh!t!

I can't stop buying allll the equipment, it is amazing quality and their customer service (nothing was wrong, I just had questions) is top notch!

Justin S.
Overall great experience!!!

Amazing Friendly stuff and a outstanding product also!

Daniel J.
Exactly what I wanted

Exaclty what I wanted. Easy to pick up. Can’t wait until there is delivery to Whidbey Island.

Maria C.
Customer service

Great customer service

Jason L.
Nice box....

Heavier than expected, nicely finished, time will tell how it holds up. Continued pleasant service.