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GIANT FB-3X Competition Flat Bench

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Giant Lifting's FB-3X Competition Flat Bench features a single post front leg designed for lifters who look to have their legs "lock-in" the most comfortable position. Equipped with a pair of rear wheels and a handle in the front, the bench is easy to transport. Do you need to save space? 

The CFB can be stored vertically to make sure you're maximizing your workout space. The padding is thick and wide, making benching more comfortable. 11-gauge is used to add sturdiness and stability to the bench. We took the best features that we felt would add value and slapped them together into what we believe is the best bench under $200 on the market.


Brand - GIANT

Weight - 64lbs

Height - 17"

Length - 49"

Width - 22"

Pad Width - 13"

Pad Height - 3.5"

Steel Notes - 11-gauge


Single-leg Front Post

Maximize the leg-room you need

Rear Wheels

Allow for easy transport around your workout area

Front Handle

 Lift vertically to store and save space

11-Gauge Steel

Adds stability to the bench and sturdiness

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Daniel P.
Can't beat the quality for the price

If you live in the Seattle area, you can't find a better price on weights. These even beat the used market.

Steve B.

Home gym or other wise, this bench is built to last. Highly recommend it.

Michael D.
Super fantastic!

Very happy with my purchase! Easy assembly ! Bench is super sturdy, do not hesitate buy it ! You will not be disappointed . Perfect addition to my giant lifting squat rack.

Mathew N.

I added the bench to my garage gym set up and it’s great! Comfortable, and easy to store.

Guy D.
3X Flat Bench

First off, let me say how awesome and helpful the staff at Giant is. They always go above and beyond to make every purchase an enjoyable experience.

The 3X Flat Bench: Definitey commercial gym quality. It’s wide enough to keep me stabilized during movements. The texture has enough grip as well so I don’t slide around. Love the wheels and weight of this bench also. 100% worth the drive and cost of the bench.