GIANT Crumb Bumper Plates

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Slamming down the Giant Lifting Crumb Bumper Plates is the best way to celebrate your new personal best! The crumb bumpers feature softer rubber, more bounce and more protection for your floors. Softer rubber bumpers are made with 68-75 shore hardness allowing them to perform inside or outside. 

These plates are made to standard International Weightlifting Federation specifications at 17.7" diameter (450MM) with 2" (50MM) width steel inserts with recycled tire rubber with high-contrast fleck for each sizing. 

The durable bumpers feature a smooth finish, high quality, and the best pricing – as always! We only sell products we stand behind. The crumb bumpers are no exception. These plates are backed by our warranty and are a must-have for your weight room.

Additional Information:

We updated our crumb rubber plates to a smaller recycled crumb material for a cleaner finish. Our last version was made with a thicker crumb material chunk exterior.

Fleck colors allow for easy distinguishing:

45lb - Blue
35lb - Yellow
25lb - Green
15lb - Orange
10lb - Gray


Brand - GIANT

Material - Recycled Rubber

Color - Black, Color Coated Rubber Fleck

Tested - Facility Tested, 10,000 drops/8ft

Tolerance - 10/25/35/45 +/- 3% of said weight

Diameter - International Weightlifting Fed Spec 450MM/17.7”

Insert - 50.4MM/1.98", Stainless steel

10lb Width - 1 1/4"

15lb Width - 1 5/8"

25lb Width - 2 3/8"

35lb Width - 3"

45lb Width - 3 1/8"

Hole Size - 2"

Warranty Home- Home- 3yrs (25/35/45) 6mo-(10/15) Commercial- 1yr (25/35/45) 6mo-(10/1)

Customer Reviews

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Erik F.
Great plates

Nice plates, don't seem to scuff at all, great price. Very satisfied with the purchase


Great product!