How do I know when my order is expected to be ready for pickup/delivery/shipping?

All eta's are shown in the product variant.   In-stock items will not receive notification and are immediately available for pickup.  Pre-ordered items will receive notications via email or text for pickup, deliver, or shipping schedule.

Can I wait to pickup my order until everything arrives?

Yes! We will store your equipment for you up to 60 days after your last email communication from us notifying you that ALL of the products from your order is available for pickup.  After 60 days of storage we will charge 5% of the orders value per month for storage. 

How will I know when my order arrives?  

Once your order is in stock from being on pre-order we will email you for pickup for each item on your order and for shipping customers we will automatically send tracking information

When I ordered the item showed in-stock. Do I have to wait for an email to pick it up?

No. All in-stock items are available for pickup. Come see us Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm or Sunday 10am-3pm.

Can I cancel my pre-order anytime?  Do you charge fees for cancelling?

Of course!  We are not charging for cancellations.