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Based on 1945 reviews
Great experience

I bought a #53 kettlebell and I love it. The finish is excellent and feels great! I visited the Arizona location and Jordan was a phenomenal help! Thanks dude!

Great quality at a great price from great folks.

Bought four plates from Giant. Great quality at the best price by a long shot, and the guys were very helpful executing the order.

Great Value

I've bought two sets of very high-quality dumbells here for very reasonable prices. They look and feel great and I'm sure they'll last forever.

Great Product

Great quality product at a great price. In warehouse pickup was seamless and staff was courteous and helpful!

Great product

For a very reasonable price I got a great rack and row/lat pull attachment. It was easy to put together and has been great to use.

Great quality, great value

Awesome dumbbells. Great quality. Ergo grips are the way to go


Good service, good product.

Rubber Grip Olympic Plates

As always, great quality and service from Giant. This is the perfect place to build your dream gym.

Worth the money!

Giant 2x adjustable

Great bench, no complaints

great bench

Great bench, works like a charm.

Save money, go with Giant!

Was looking at the Rogue sled for a while and right before I decided to purchase I checked Giant's website one last time. I was pleased to be able to purchase from Giant as I already enjoy using their weights and mats. Saved a lot of money over Rogue in just the price, but being able to pick it up saved me even more.

The sled was easy to put together and quality seems to be just fine. I love that they include the plastic with it, though I did remove as I'm using on grass. I've very happy with this purchase and look forward to using it!

Cheers Giant Lifting!

Great DB's for a Great price

These DBs are not only incredibly priced, but have incredible quality.

Great customer service!

Although I only bought a couple things this go around I had a great experience! The gentleman who helped me was patient and very helpful! I will definitely be back soon to buy the rest of my equipment to build out my home gym!

Great Curl Bar

Had a gift card and wanted to supplement with a curl bar.
Feels sturdier than it looks in the pictures. Works great and compact enough to put aside in a single car garage gym.
Fits my bumper plates and change plates.
Highly Recommend, especially for the price.

Giant Northland Open Trap Bar

What a bar! I can do so many thing with it besides just dead lifts. Farmers carry, shoulders presses. I even squad with this thing! Great design and solid built! Great addition

Great plates

Nice plates, don't seem to scuff at all, great price. Very satisfied with the purchase

Stand-alone Lat

I love this machine and the guys at Giant were great as always. Only suggestion-the instructions are sparse. It might be good to have one of these built at both stores and also take some closeup pics so people could see them online. Luckily my super smart wife figured everything out and I just ran the tools.


We have outfitted several of our gyms with Giant kettlebells because of the quality and price. The coating on the kettlebells provides good grip and is durable. Customer service is also top notch. We will continue to use this brand as we expand.

Great plates

I've been using them for 2 weeks now and no complaints so far.

Iron plate pairs

Amazing quality and Washington local!

Power Rack - Review

The power rack was simple to install. Took about two hours. Very sturdy and functional.

We also purchased the extension with the pulee. That one took another 30 minutes to install.

All in all I give this Power rack a 10 out of 10. The only thing that’s better than his power rack is the customer service by Jordan in Arizona. Thank you so much for helping us design our home gym.

Slim Farmers Carry Handles

Noticed immediate improvement in core stability using these! Great purchase.

Building a home gym

I have made 3 purchase through the Goodyear location. Business hours are limited BUT customer service is good! Email or call and they will get you what you need. Plates do what they are intended to do, be heavy!

It’s perfect.

As soon as I got it, took me no more than 10 minutes to put together, threw one some 55 pound weights and got to work. The knurling on it is exceptional and honestly for this price I would buy another one just cause. It’s perfect.