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The purpose of this blog is to showcase the dumbbells we have to offer as well as the design that goes into crafting an elite dumbbell. Here at Giant Lifting, we understand that dumbbells are an essential element of any workout routine, which is why we did not cut any corners on the design or manufacturing of our dumbbells. Generally, when you see issues with dumbbells longevity it comes down to the rubber that is used during the manufacturing process. If the rubber is too soft, or too hard, it can chip and break down. We use a high-end rubber mixture that produces less odor and greater longevity. 

We use virgin rubber mixture to ensure that our dumbbells are durable and built to last. Using high quality rubber prevents so many of the issues we see with lower quality rubber mixtures, like blemishes, cracking, or splitting of the rubber around the heads. Typically, when you see these issues in dumbbells, it is the result of poor-quality rubber compound mixtures. The second major advantage of the higher-end rubber mixture is the extremely low-odor. Many dumbbells on the market have a strong chemical smell as a result of the lower-quality rubber used in production. Before we switched to a virgin rubber mixture, some of our dumbbells had that strong chemical smell and would produce a black residue from oozing rubber. We knew that was far from how we wanted to represent our company, so we worked hard to find the perfect manufacturer to produce the high-quality dumbbells we carry today. 


It is a common misconception that all dumbbells are created equal. We hear all the time "weight is weight" or "dumbbells are dumbbells" and this couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is you're probably reading this blog post today because you are invested in yourself, your health, and are looking to find the best value on the market. You should have confidence in the fact that the dumbbells you're looking to buy are safe. 

Some companies manufacture dumbbells with screw on heads and this can lead to imprecise measurements and even cause injuries. At Giant, we manufacture all of our dumbbells with the handles fully welded into the molded steel making it safe for all exercises. Let's face it, due to the expense dumbbells are an investment, and you want to make sure your investment will last. 

Let's take tires, for instance, there are many brands of tires and some of them are made with much lower specifications, varying warranties, and shorter life expectancy. Are you going to invest in the cheapest tire with no warranty that you can find? Likely not. Dumbbells are no different, if you make the investment into dumbbells and you take care of them, they will last for years to come. 


Hex-style dumbbells are very popular among the fitness community. The six-sided design helps minimize rolling before, during, and after the exercises are performed. All of our dumbbells feature a diamond knurling pattern and depending on the style you like it may differ in the aggressiveness. Our ergonomic handles lean on a light-aggressive side. Our straight handles are often used more in commercial settings or the powerlifting communities. The preference of the communities we've been spoken with has caused our straight handles to lean more to the medium-aggressive knurling. The chrome shaft may seem aesthetically pleasing. However, it serves a purpose. The hard chrome process we use to cope our dumbbell handles protects the handles from oxidation caused by moisture. Ultimately, this process helps reduce rust from spotting on the handles.