GIANT Rolled Rubber Flooring (25'x4')

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NEW* 25'x4' GIANT Rolled Rubber Flooring

This flooring option is made from a high quality rubber and urethane mix, these premium mats have a low odor and don't absorb moisture, which helps prevent bacterial growth.  Perfect for gyms who are wanting to cover lots of ground and have a product that looks fantastic plus will last a very long time.

Plenty thick to dampen noise and make your flooring more comfortable for working out at 8mm.   Flooring is aesthetically clean with a light grey fleck throughout.




WIDTH 4' (47" exact measurement)

Customer Reviews

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Maybe the best thing we got...

We love everything we got from Giant in setting up our basement gym. We have a concrete floor and we decided to get the rubber flooring. We love it. It cushions the floor when you are moving around the weights, it adds some warmth to a fairly cold room, it makes it more comfortable on our feet, and it really neatens up the space.

I wasn't convinced it was worth buying but I am so glad we did.

One note: it is heavy to move. Love the guys in Tukwila who loaded it for us. Wish they came home with us.

It cuts easy and was pretty easy to lay out in the space. It relaxed quickly and laid flat.

Natalie C.
Great Rubber Flooring

We love Giant. Highly recommend all their products. We've used this flooring for our gym's commercial flooring and are opening another location so this is our second time purchasing.