GIANT Hybrid Bar 20kg - Multi-Purpose

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The 20kg Hybrid Bar is Giant Lifting's top-tier multi-purpose barbell. Rust/corrosion-resistant finish and black QPQ finished sleeves help add a stylish look to your weightlifting experience. The 28mm bar has a ton of spin, which will help with your fast movement workouts (clean, jerk, or snatch). The ideal barbell for your in-home gym, training for your next CrossFit competition, or performing Olympic lifts. 

Eight needle bearings paired with a bronze bushing system built into each sleeve. The volcano knurling pattern has medium depth and is perfect for performing reps without tearing up your hands. We lean on the more medium-aggressive side in our knurling because your grip or lack of grip can become a distraction. 190,000 PSI steel shaft allows for whip/bend in the bar.

Note: Some bars have light blemishes on bushings that won't impact performance.  Due to this we are clearing them out.  


Brand - GIANT

Bar Use - Multi-purpose, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting

Weight - 20KG/44lbs

Diameter - 28.5mm

Loadable Sleeve Length - 16"

Bushing/Bearing - 2 bushing, 8 needle bearing

Knurling - Volcano

Center Knurl - No

Knurl Markings- Dual

Sleeve Coating - Black QPQ

Static Rating - 1,500lbs

Tensile Strength - 190,000 PSI

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Very nice bar

Easily as nice as REP stuff for less. Havent used Rogue or any other major brands so cant speak on comparison but I cant imagine it being that much better if at all.

No problems at all. Mostly used for bench and squats but just started doing cleans and the bar is prefect as far as I'm concerned.

Luis A.R.
Great stuff

Love the equipment. Good quality at a great price.

Melanie C.
GIANT at house 🇲🇽

Personally, I gave the bar as a gift and it is incredible from how fast it rotates for snatch, power, etc. to the aesthetic details. I hope to have mine soon 🫰🏼 100% recommended

forrest h.
Solid bar

Love it

Top quality equipment and local too!

Happily surprised at the quality of my 15kg and 20kg multi purpose bars. Great spin, perfect amount of knurling, and looks friggin rad. Their equipment has thicker steel and quality welds. I have an Amazon brand squat rack and you can really see where those companies cheap out on quality. I'm a Seattle local so not having to pay for shipping saves me $$. Giant is now my go to place when it comes time to add to my home gym