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GIANT Hybrid Bar 20kg - Multi-Purpose

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The 20kg Hybrid Bar is Giant Lifting's top-tier multi-purpose barbell. Rust/corrosion-resistant finish and black QPQ finished sleeves help add a stylish look to your weightlifting experience. The 28mm bar has a ton of spin, which will help with your fast movement workouts (clean, jerk, or snatch). The ideal barbell for your in-home gym, training for your next CrossFit competition, or performing Olympic lifts. 

Eight needle bearings paired with a bronze bushing system built into each sleeve. The volcano knurling pattern has medium depth and is perfect for performing reps without tearing up your hands. We lean on the more medium-aggressive side in our knurling because your grip or lack of grip can become a distraction. 190,000 PSI steel shaft allows for whip/bend in the bar.

Note: Some bars have light blemishes on bushings that won't impact performance.  Due to this we are clearing them out.  


Brand - GIANT

Bar Use - Multi-purpose, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting

Weight - 20KG/44lbs

Diameter - 28.5mm

Loadable Sleeve Length - 16"

Bushing/Bearing - 2 bushing, 8 needle bearing

Knurling - Volcano

Center Knurl - No

Knurl Markings- Dual

Sleeve Coating - Black QPQ

Static Rating - 1,500lbs

Tensile Strength - 190,000 PSI

Customer Reviews

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Jack R.
Versatility at a Good Price

Great quality and good price. I use this bar for all of my landmine exercises, RDLs and deadlifts. Reasonably knurling is great on the shins too!

Dr T.
Great Bar, Great Price

Bar looks fantastic (in red, nicely contracted by black sleeves)!! Shipping was quick, even across the country! And the price was super-competitve, on par with lower end models offered elsewhere, even though the specs of this par were mid to high end. Plus, support small business..What more can one ask for?! Great name for lifting equipment too! Thanks GIANT!

Great bar

Great all around bar. Has a smooth spin to it, would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for a new bar.

Tyler H.
Great bar, even better value

Absolutely love this hybrid bar. Looks great and performs even better. Was looking for a cerakote bar since I workout in my garage and you cannot find a better value cerakote bar than this. Recently also purchased the vertex plates from Giant and have been impressed by the quality of all their products. And the local pickup makes it even better. Happy to support a smaller outfit. Highly recommend!!

Justin B.
Giant hybrid bar- red cerakote

Excellent and versatile bar. After using the one I bought for a few days, I bought a 2nd one for ease of transition between bar movements.