GIANT Hybrid Bar 15kg- Multi- Purpose

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Introducing the 15kg Color Hybrid Barbells, a versatile and high-performance fitness tool. Whether you are strength training, practicing Olympic lifts, or engaging in functional workouts, this barbell is built to meet the demands of your fitness journey.

The 25mm barbell is built to withstand heavy use and intense training sessions. The sturdy steel shaft ensures exceptional durability and long-lasting performance, allowing you to push your limits with confidence.  The bar has ton of spin due to the combination of 8 needle bearings and bushing combination. The ideal barbell for your in-home gym, training for your next CrossFit competition, or performing Olympic lifts.

The volcano knurling pattern is grippy, but won't rip your hands while lifting. 
This bar has IPF (International Powerlifting Fed) and IWF (International Weightlifting Fed) dual knurling markings to help with hand placement for the lifts you perform.
The 190,000 PSI shaft allows for a good amount of whip and bend to the barbell making it great for dynamic lifts such as cleans and/or snatches.
Note: Some bars have light blemishes on bushings that won't impact performance.  Due to this we are clearing them out.  


Brand - GIANT

Bar Use - Multi-purpose, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting

Length - 79"

Weight - 15KG/33lbs

Diameter - 25mm

Loadable Sleeve Length - 12.5"

Bushing/Bearing - 2 bushing, 6 needle bearing

Knurl - Volcano

Center Knurl - No

Knurl Markings - Dual

Sleeve Coating - Black QPQ

Static Rating - 1,000lbs

Tensile Rating - 185,000 PSI

Customer Reviews

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Love it... couldn't rebuy with those colors

I know you think it is a girl bar. For the love of god... get some better colors.

We have been using this for over a year now. It is wonderful. We got this vs. the 20KG because we work out in the basement and don't have a ton of space. I don't ever see us maxing out what this bar can be loaded with so it works out for us.

The bearings are super smooth. The knurling is comfortable while giving a good grip. We set up our gym during Covid and this bar feels like the quality we used at our high end gym during the before-times.

But... really? Pink? Purple? Teal? I managed to snag a silver bar. They don't seem to offer it any more. I don't think I could buy these colors. I know it seems crazy to say that -- who cares about color? Truly, I would go elsewhere if I decided to get a second bar for the gym. I am not the type of lady who can deal with those colors.

Julie S.
Love the barbell

I got the gold hybrid bar as an upgrade to a cheap old barbell that I was using. It's much more stable and I am happy with it.