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Product Details

The Giant Lifting Vertex Bumpers are limited edition bumpers that add some fun to your in-home or commercial gym. These are the premium plates that are made from "Virgin Rubber" which is higher density rubber, and extremely low odor. The higher density rubber means these plates are harder than other models and have less bounce when dropped. The thinner rim mirrors our Contrast Bumpers making the plates easier for gripping and transporting around your gym. Also similar to Contrast Bumpers, the 10LB and 15LB pairs are slightly smaller in diameter and when paired with the larger plates, they will last longer due to taking less of an impact.

These are limited edition and will last as long as supplies last.


Virgin Rubber and Stainless Steel Insert

Black, Colored Specs
Facility Tested, 10,000 drops/8ft


10/25/35/45 +/- 3% of said weight
450MM/17.72" (45/35/25) 
445MM/17.51" (15/10)
50.4MM/1.98", Stainless steel

10lb Width


15lb Width


25lb Width


35lb Width


45lb Width

Hole Size
Home- 3yrs (25/35/45) 1yr - (10/15) Commercial- 3yr (25/35/45) 1yr- (10/15)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lindsey R.
Great Product

Love giant products will be buying more! The customer service is great too.

Top Quality and Affordable Bumper Plates

I bought the Vertex plates about two weeks ago, but I've owned a full set of Giant Contrast Plates for about a year before that. I've used the contrast bumpers for mostly powerlifting and some olympic lifts, including deadlifts and cleans, and they performed just fine, so I think I have a good sense of how these will hold up in the long term. I sold the contrast plates so I could upgrade to a full set of vertex plates because they just look great. I took advantage of a sale, and using local pickup makes this super convenient for anyone in the Seattle area. As always, their in-person customer service was friendly and helpful.

UNBOXING: I noticed upon unpacking the new plates that they weren't super oily or smelly, which differs from other bumpers I've purchased before. I also weighed each plate and they were all accurate and within 0.2 lbs of their nominal weight (on the higher side), and the plates in each pair were equal in weight.

APPEARANCE: I didn't take the time to compare the contrast plates and vertex plates side by side, but another thing I noticed is that lip on the outer rim of the vertex plates feels deeper than what I recall on the contrast plates, which makes these easier to handle. The flecks on the plates really pop and give them much more color than the contrast plates. It took a day to get used to, but I think they look great in my garage gym. The white color on the raised lettering was applied fine, which wasn't always the case on my contrast plates. The color hues are consistent on each plate, although I'll note that you can see the flecks behind the white lettering on the 15s and 35s.

PERFORMANCE: In the two weeks I've had these plates, I've dropped them quite a bit from overhead working on clean and jerks, and I've had no issues with their performance. I'm not an expert on bumper plates but their bounce is acceptable to me. The noise when dropped is also acceptable. I dropped them from overhead about 25 times during one evening workout and it did not wake my toddler sleeping upstairs. These aren't the thinnest bumpers on the market, but their thickness is on par with similar bumpers from other popular brands, and they are certainly not as wide as Hi-Temp or crumb rubber bumpers.

NEGATIVES: The flecks on the 15s are an off-white/cream color, which clashes with the white lettering. There's no standard color for 15 lb plates (because 7kg isn't a standard IWF plate size), so colored 15s generally vary between white, gray and orange. I think choosing orange flecks here would look better and match the overall aesthetics of this set. Also, my biggest complaint is that Giant doesn't offer these plates (or any others) in 55s. Maybe one day.

OVERALL: I'm really happy with these plates. They perform well, look awesome, and are super affordable. You can get a 260 lb set for less than $500, and getting colored virgin rubber bumpers from a more popular brand will cost you around $650 or more. I don't know how much more I can expect from bumper plates of this style that would warrant the extra $150 in cost. As far as virgin rubber, non-competition style colored bumpers go, I don't think you can find a better value than these vertex plates, and I've come to expect that all of the products from Giant Lifting are high quality and affordable. When combining the local pickup option, customer service, and the fact that I can support a local business, this was an easy choice to make for myself.

Awesome Experience

I purchased the Vertex plates in 10,15,35,45 and definitely will be buying others in the near future. Seamless experience and pickup, and good guys there.

Anthony s.
Great plates

I’m so happy with plates . I just went out and bought more.