In the event you would like to return an item or an order, please reach out to You may return items that are unopened and in new condition within 30 days for a full refund or store credit.  Occasional blemishes, nicks, dings, and/or scratches can come from the manufacturing process, but more than likely from shipping.  If you receive a product in poor condition we will handle it on a case by case basis.  In most circumstances, non-performance impacting dings, nicks, scratches, odors etc. on our products are not reason for a full return/exchange.  Any performance impacting issues will be handled to resolve the issue.  You are responsible for any and all shipping or freight charges that occur to send the product back to us. We will gladly pay return shipping costs if the result is an error on our end (sent wrong item, defective, etc.)
Keep in mind that it takes time to ship the item back to us. It could take 5-10 days, or even more if using LTL Freight. Please allow 3-5 business days to process returns or exchanges and for your bank to reflect the refund. We do everything we can to expedite this process and make it as simple as possible for you.


We offer a 1-year warranty on our products, unless otherwise stated in the product description. We will gladly exchange the item for the same product if it is found to have failed as outlined in our warranty policy. Buyer is subject to all related shipping costs during the duration of the warranty period.  

Bars: Your warranty is voided if dropped on spotter arm pins or safety arms.  Barbell warranties are covered for sleeves loosening and bending.

Racks/Rigs/Ghds: Dings/nicks/scratches/etc. not covered under warranty.  If you have these issues upon receipt of your product let us know and we will do our best to make it right.  

Plates:  Occasional blemishes not covered under warranty.  Please reach out within 30 days of purchase if you receive an item not up to standards for resolution. 

Smells or Odors: from products are not covered under warranty and not a reason for a return or exchange.  Products that typically have issues with this are rubberized products such as bumper plates and dumbbells.


Within 30 days of purchase:  We accept exchanges if the product is new and unopened. If the product is used and in “like-new” condition, we can at our discretion accept and exchange that item.  In most "like-new" condition exchanges we will offer the exchange with a 15% fee charged because we will need to resell the product as used.  If you are not able to bring the product to our warehouse buyer pays all return shipping costs.  

If you cancel an order only to re-order the same products in order to get a better pricing please communicate with us at  We will charge you a credit card processing fee in this event (3%).  We totally understand you want a better deal and were here to help you!  :)  If you cancel any part of your order that was given back as a refund for the giftcard we will invoice you for the difference.


In the event that we have a sale or a price change that is lower than what you paid and your product is not yet picked up or shipped out yet we will honor this price change and refund you in the form of a GIFT CARD.  If you cancel any part of your order that was given back as a refund for the giftcard we will invoice you for the difference. Please email us and we will take care of you!  


We allow refunds/cancellations on all our products or orders unless the item is listed as a “Clearance” item or sold from our "Bargain Cave" at our warehouse. Refunds are only valid for items that have not been processed for shipping. If an order has been processed for shipping or has already shipped, the buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs.  We ship out multiple pallets each day and prepare them for pickup.  We cannot cancel and return an order once prepared and placed on our pallets.  Ideally we have 24 hours in advance to cancel an order.  If you request a same day cancellation we very well could have processed the order and will not issue a full refund.  In this scenario, the buyer is responsible for sending and return shipping.  In most cases, tracking won't show processed or available until the day after its picked up which can take several days.  Please be aware that if an item was shipped via “Free Shipping” there are still shipping costs to ship the item to your address and back to our warehouse. These costs are the responsibility of the customer.