We have been working behind the scenes to bring the best combination of products and value available.  Get ready for the craziest deals available in the USA.   Every product will be available for pre-sale at substantial discounts. 

How to get on pre-sale discounts?


July 14th-20th  Available Estimated 9/1/2019

Accessories available for pre-order:

  • GTR BARBELL 2.0 (28mm/25mm). 
  • Contrast Bumper Plates. 
  • Slam Balls. 
  • Gun Barbell Rack. 
  • Battle Rope with Nylon Cover. 
  • 3n1 Wooden Plyo Box 20"x 24"x30".
  • X Wall Balls.   

July 28th-August 3rd Available Estimated 9/1/2019

Accessories available for pre-order:

  • Kettlebells. 
  • Jump Rope.
  • Adjustable GHD.
  • Resistance bands. 
  • 5-50 Db sets with Rack.  
  • Wooden rings.
  • Aluminum training barbell 15lb. 
  • Children's barbell's. 
  • Ab mats.
  • Solid yoga roller.  

August 4th-10th Available 10/15/2019

Racks available for pre-order: 

  • Power Rack Series and Accessories (Landmine, Dip Station, Optional Flip Down Safeties).  
  • Fully loaded squat stand- double pull-up bars, landmine, dip station, spotter arms, and weight storage.
  • Adjustable wall rack with optional stringers.
  • Full selection of custom rig options, made to order.
  • Garage Gym Power Rack- best most economical rack on the market for home use.

August 11th-17th


August 18th-24th

August 25th-31st

September 1st-7th

September 8th-14th

September 15th-21st

September 22nd-28th