Giant Affiliate Program

Who can apply: 

To apply, you must have a health & wellness or fitness-based platform that produces quality, educational fitness content, with good engagement levels. Qualifying platforms are websites, blogs, social media, or video channels. 

How it works: 

We will provide you with a referral link to our website that you will promote on your platform. When visitors click on your link, their IP address is logged and a cookie is placed. This ensures you will get credit for the sale, even if the sale is not made in that particular browsing session. Any purchase generated through that link will count toward your affiliate commission tier.  Your tier is determined by the total monetary value of sales made in a 12-month period. Fulfillment/shipping/billing and customer service will be handled by Giant Lifting. Your friends and followers get awesome equipment and you make commission by simply providing the link, it’s a win-win! 

Affiliate Commission Tiers:

TIER ONE: Every new affiliate partner will enter at tier one. We will pay a 5% monthly commission on sales made each month. Affiliates that generate $5,000-11,999 in a 12-month period will remain at tier one. 

TIER TWO: Affiliates that generate $12,000 to $19,999 in a 12-month period will earn a 7% monthly commission on sales.

TIER THREE: Affiliates that generate $20,000+ in a 12-month period will earn an 8.5% commission on sales, each month.  

Terms and Conditions: 

-Our affiliate program is free. 

-All affiliates must be located in the United States. 

-Tax/shipping expenses do not count toward sales generated. 

-Commission is not paid on tax and/or shipping expenses. 

-Commission is not paid on purchases made by the affiliate partner.

-Commission will not be paid on cancelled/returned orders. 

-Affiliate partners must generate at least $5,000 in sales in a 12-month period to remain in the affiliate program.

-You must re-qualify for a tier annually. If you do not generate the necessary sales, you will be dropped to the appropriate tier. 

-You may not promote your link through paid ads or sponsored links. 

-Information used to promote our products on your platform must be true and accurate. 

-First commission will be paid once the affiliate partner reaches $1000 in sales. 

-Payments will be sent via PayPal by the 15th day of each month.