Surat, Gujarat
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I am Hunter Hazen, owner of Giant Lifting.  

First off, thank you for your support.  I have the privilege of meeting the most amazing people because of the barbell.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve and I hope the content and equipment we create helps you with your performance.  

Today I wanted to answer a question I get a lot:  Why did you start Giant Lifting?

In answering this question can I be 100% transparent with you?  Like raw, bold, and no fluff?  

If you don't want me to share too bad, as you guessed your going to get transparency anyways.

At age 14 my confidence was in the toilet.  I dealt with teenager issues of having the worst acne you've ever seen and struggled with insecurity, etc.  On top of that, my parents went through a horrible divorce and I became very angry.  Anxiety started to take root in my life and anger grew and grew.  

Nothing seemed to work for me.  I was slaming my head against lockers between periods at school.  I would meet with counselors every other day during middle school.  I was angry at the world and dying for positive attention.  I was literally the complete package, meaning I was a train wreck waiting to happen.

Being introduced to weightlifting gave me a direction during a time when I was directionless.   Weightlifting produced confidence in myself, gave me strength that made me excel in every sport I played, and discipline that I lacked severely.  It gave me positive attention.  It brought about an identity that was unclear before.

What I didn't expect from weightlifting was the community.  I made dear friends whose impact has carried through my life.  I know its hard to believe, but the barbell gave me direction for my life.  I became stronger beyond barbell strength, but in every aspect of my life.  

I started this company to follow my passion.  I took a 15 year hiatus from competing and connecting with the strength world.  I have sat in the background reading, listening, and watching and after a long stint in corporate America I decided to let go and pursue my dreams.   

We are going to do alot more than sell fitness equipment.  We are going to produce resources for our customers so that they train correctly and improve their performance.  We are going to collaborate with experts in the strength community.  We are also going to start a weightlifting club so that I can team up and help make a positive impact on the next generation.  


Im beyond excited for whats to come,


Hunter Hazen



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